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#11 The birds of Vedanthangal

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After many many weeks of postponement, P & I decided to drive down to Vedanthangal lake bird sanctuary last weekend out of the blue. P’s been waiting to go there for a la la long long li long long time but I guess I’ve just been this bad bad hubby 🙂 – grrr! They don’t have smilies with horns, do they? The last time I was there, I was in class 3 and P’s never been there! All that I remember now of my previous visit is fact that I was the only boy who had his own binocular… Well you can’t ask an 8 year ol’ snooty lad to be humble 😉

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Boy o Boy! No wonder they call this one of India’s biggest bird sanctuaries. We were quite taken aback with the sea of birds holding on to every possible space on the top of trees & bushes. For a change people were better behaved than those monkeys on the trees & the place was fairly well maintained too. As a word of caution – watch out for the monkeys in the trees – they certainly were terrorizingly close. For an entry fees of Rs.5/- the forest department deserves a pat on their back for a dam good job.

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Murphy’s laws came true as the low battery indicator started flashing on my cam. I do deserve a few kicks on my bum for having forgotten to charge my batteries & for not buying that back up battery. There wasn’t enough power to last the sunset, so we left early whispering asta la vista birdies!

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Though the official season is between November and March, Jan mid to Feb mid is probably the best time. Birds start flying back home in June. The best time to visit is obviously early morning or late evenings. Just ensure you are their either before the sunrise or sunset. With just about 60km from Tambaram & good roads, this is certainly a nice short getaway from Chennai/ Pondy. So don’t delay it, say a big thank you to Ninnysays & drive down to vedanthangal this weekend! Ah isn’t it a nice thing to think about weekends so early!

Let me keep this post short a share a few more pictures.

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1 Comment on #11 The birds of Vedanthangal

  1. Navin Sadarangani // February 1, 2011 at 6:40 am // Reply

    Nice stuff man. Didn’t know it was so good. I’m sure it would have been more better had you done your checks before getting there (read ‘battery power’). You mentioned that they fly back home in June? What’s ‘home’ here pls? I bet if the place is so good, i won’t be surprised to see you go back another time (at a different time of the day to cover the rest) and complete your library of snaps from this park 🙂 Nice to see you for once not laying back on your sofa and eating chips all weekend. It pays to be active right. Good going. Enjoy nature while it lasts. Hopefully it ain’t gonna stop soon!


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