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Anna Centenary Library Chennai : A Pile of Books With No Vision.

When I was a kid I used to copy whatever my big brother did. Though I never really admitted doing this, but it was obvious to anyone who saw us grow up. Visiting a library was such habit.

A few days back I took my kid to the much talked about Anna Centenary Library in Chennai. The library was opened last September with a lot of buzz as the biggest in South Asia.

A hassled receptionist, seeking public empathy awaits you in the front desk. The library  apparently received over 6000 enquiries about membership in the first few days of opening. Unfortunately they are yet to announce their membership policy yet. She said you stay as long as you want, read whatever you want but you can’t borrow books. There were no librarians around or any systems to help you search a title. When I asked for a specific title, I was curtly asked to go search in the racks.

While it has been designed well the lack of vision certainly hurts. It may just end up being a tourist attraction and ‘cool’ place to hang out in summers.  I wonder when The Anna Library will start doing what it’s supposed to be doing – lending books!

It may not be a bad idea to take your kids to spend a lazy afternoon reading a random book.

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4 Comments on Anna Centenary Library Chennai : A Pile of Books With No Vision.

  1. Place looks nice Mr.copycat :0 Just kiddin man. Nice to know that you’re exploring places and trying to imbibe the good habit of book-reading into Rhea from her early days. Just one note brother – i don’t know the medium u used to write this column but you have many typo errors. They seem more like keyboard / typo errors that one doesn’t realize more than spelling mistakes 🙂 Maybe you’d like to correct that. At least so that when Rhea reads this yrs from now, she doesn’t feel that maybe Daddy didn’t want my english to be like his after all. he he. Cheers!


  2. I have always wondered why in many libraries,the people working there can’t actually help you with the books you want unless he/she owns the library…..Same in the case of book stores….But atleast I am not surprised it is happenning at the Anna library given who the management is!

    But atleast happy that lil R got to the vast n CLEAN library!!


  3. navin – just the case of the mind thinking faster than the fingers 🙂

    Aparna 🙂


  4. ha ha. and you want me to buy that – yeah sure, the world is flat!!


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