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#19 Deaths, Debates & Accidents.

The last thing you expect a guy with a cracked right elbow to do, is to author a blog. But then,  I just couldn’t help but set these thoughts free in my cyber space. The week that was…..a death, a debate & an accident.

A Death : Death often means sadness; Eulogies get written with tears & fears. But then, the question on my mind is : should all deaths, especially the ones after a long period of illnesses, in a life time that was otherwise filed with successes, be mourned or celebrated? Not just in the case of Jobs but I,see it so often, like in the case of Tiger Patudi & Shammi Kapoor; ‘The world had lost a great cricketer, an irreplaceable loss’ said many. ‘ The film industry has lost a great icon of  entertainment’ and more…. All these men lived great lives,  brought cheer to many, reached great heights during there younger days….and passed their peaks ( well not that sure about Jobs on the last bit). Shouldn’t then the tone be more of gladness that their pain, attached to their ailments, has finally ended. Well for their kin, it is a different story. But i just don’t buy the public mournng formula kindled nicely by the media.

A Debate : Let me be honest. I don’t quiet like a certain Chetan Baghat, not by the quality of his books but by his ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude. His recent comments on Narayanamurty didn’t help his cause much. I’ve always been a firm believer that one shouldn’t & cannot prepare for an aptitude test. And when Murthy said the coaching classes for entrance exams is deteriorating the standard of IIT, he was absolutely bang on. It is ok to have a difference of opinion but the way Chetan commented on someone who brought India onto the world IT map, it only showed the former’s, class. I wonder who made him the voice of India out for that mater IIT.  His comments and arguments during the Anna phenomenon was exactly in the same arrogant league he his busy carving for himself. Fair enough his PR agency working hard but he needs to think before he talks! And I bet, his fans love this arrogance with no material! I just can’t stand him.

An Accident : Last saturday I cracked my right elbow in the cricket ground. While I plan to apply to the Limca book of records for having become the first guy to have broken a bone playing tennis ball cricket, week n cast is showing me things I’ve become so blind to. Time to thank god for the small mercies! While my initial reaction was to term this injury as bad timing,  I am now beginning to appreciate that anything can happen anyone (engeyum epodhum style!) . Iam so glad this didn’t happen a day before my vacation or may during my school/college exam times. And…..and thank god it was just crack and not something terrible! Guess once back in action, I would appreciate my right hand more than ever before. But right now if there is one soul who is enjoying the moment, it’s my little girl who is glad to see me around all time. Her offer to use her hand until mine gets well was probably worth getting injured for……..

Btw blogging with the swype keyboard is so very convenient, why don’t they launch one in desktops to help the differently abled

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2 Comments on #19 Deaths, Debates & Accidents.

  1. When you have time on your hands – many things fall into perspective… 🙂 Good to see your musings Vimal!!!


  2. Navin Sadarangani // October 7, 2011 at 8:40 pm // Reply

    I agree, why not celebrate life especially when it was lived so good. On your injury, i think it’s just a case of ‘forced appreciation’ 🙂


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