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Relationship in A Facebook World

When do we know its too much? When do we know we should turn back?

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Social media has done great things for us. If not for Facebook, chances are that we would have lost contact with almost everyone I went to school or college with, but for our best buddies. Facebook & Twitter has changed the way we consume our daily news to an extent that people are more informed about what is happening around them. Social causes have got jet rocketed based on likes & shares. LinkedIn has changed the way we work or rather found work. But in all its goodness social mediums have also altered the way we relate to people. Has an excessive dose of virtual reality altered the definition of reality?

They say relationships must be intimate, private and between the two people but in a Facebook world, we do everything on the wall. Right from birthday wishes to bash each other up. It’s also definitely more convenient for us to send a simple message over Facebook than pick up the phone and call someone.

When do we know its too much? When do we know we should turn back? I’ve made numerous resolutions to talk to people more often than chat but i’ve failed at it miserably. Just like how email killed the mail man, I wonder if virtual realty has transformed traditional relationships that were based on touch to click.

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3 Comments on Relationship in A Facebook World

  1. Navin Sadarangani // November 2, 2011 at 4:13 pm // Reply

    Gold digging in foreign land! Ha ha, that was funny.
    But if you’re getting back into the real-world brother, then shouldn’t that also reflect in the other things you would do viz. discussing abt a topic, etc. Just saying 🙂


    • Bro you got me wrong. What I mean is that real world relationships can’t be forced into the virtual world and in the pursuit of being tech friendly I shouldn’t lose touch wit the real world.


      • I did not get you wrong brother and understood what your post meant. But I was saying that while you write that you are turning back, are you really doing so was my question. Reference to your post on FB today 🙂


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