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#21 What happens if everyone turns sane.

Even at an age of sixty, he leaves home every morning, hunting for some work….any work. On a good day he makes 350 bucks. Meet my gardener Babu; He agrees, he was insane to have dropped out of school. Just like the other fathers of his generation, he has ensured his next generation doesn’t repeat his insanity. His son would soon pass out of college.

The question now is if everyone turns sane who does the dirty job. The cold insensitive truth is that our luxuries are safe as long as someone out there continues to be insane.

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2 Comments on #21 What happens if everyone turns sane.

  1. Navin Sadarangani // November 3, 2011 at 8:20 pm // Reply

    Is it insane in his perspective too? If not, i’m not surprised, coz maybe it’s us who perceive it that way. If it is, i still wouldn’t worry brother. That’s the circle of an economy is a country like India. For every person that comes out of those livelihoods, there will be 5 trying to grab it. Cos India has so many in the lower socio-economic zone right. It’s gonna take maybe 100+ yrs for that to totally be eradicated, on a optimistic note that is. By then, you and I can be rest assured that the world is gonna be much more different and we’ll probably be doing things in a whole-lotta different way by then!


  2. You are right from a demand & supply angle… As always I was thinking of the extreme Utopian point of view 🙂


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