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Daddy & The Wish Factory

Recently Rhea caught this fancy for Nemo & wanted me to get her one. Within days there was a marine-aquarium in the corner of our living room. The next weekend Rhea picked a Nemo toy at a toy shop; she looked at me and said “Ahh, this is what I wanted!”

Whoa! A toy? I just blew up  a 35grand on a marine-aquarium!

Buying that tank for Rhea was probably just an excuse! I subconsciously got myself one. How often do we, as parents, satisfy our unfulfilled childhood desires pretending it to be the child’s wish-factory? I still remember that white color Hero Champ, remote control car, video games with joy sticks…!

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I am Vimal Abraham. Thank you for visiting NinnySays. I am marketing professional who is known to rant about photography, travel, marketing (duh!) and about everything else that gets me thinking! I'm based in Chennai and I've previously lived in... opps! nowhere else! There are plenty of ways to reach me, dropping me a note at vimal.abraham@gmail.com is probably the easiest.

1 Comment on Daddy & The Wish Factory

  1. Read this yesterday, but i couldn’t get around to posting a reply-comment thru my mobile coz i was running outta the door to catch a bus. Anyways, all i could think of is – a child brings out the child in you 🙂 Check!


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