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HLC International – Review

Guess its time of the year when parents look for school admissions. This is a review I wrote at Parentree.in earlier this month.  Just posting it here for the benefit of those who may be interested. The original post along with reviews of other parents can be read at  <Click here>

It was not until I was 29, I figured out what I wanted to do in my life. By then, it was too late for me re-invent the wheel. I am sure, as parents, most of us share a similar story. So when we started our school-hunt we looked for schools that would fit into our expectations listed below:

  • Knowledge through self discovery; Concepts by application.
  • Character Development; problem solving, reasoning, social skills, self management & decision making that grooms the child into a confident individual.
  • Teachers becoming mentors who assist in self discovery.
  • Inclusivity; Respect diversity right from an early age.

Here’s gist of our experience so far:

  • Makes the child self-dependent: My pre-kg daughter insists on managing her bag, water bottle, footwear every day by herself since she joined the school.
  • Great Exposure & overall development: The kids won the ‘design for change’ contest earlier this month –first among 300,000 other schools. They’ve organized 3 music concerts by renowned artists so far this academic year.
  • Inclusive Education: Both during their annual exhibition & sports day, special children were given an equal opportunity & whenever they had limitations – teachers & fellow students stood up to support them.
  • Talent days: Children get the opportunity to showcase their skills during talent days.
  • Communication: Every class has a set of parents who act as the teacher’s support team to ensure information is passed quickly to all parents through telephone & SMS. Parents are also informed of all school activities through regular emails & Facebook updates.
  • Flexible academics: The school is IGCSE accredited & will soon be a fully registered Cambridge Examination Center as well. IGCSE system allows kids to take up a combination of subjects from a wide range of choice.

One thing is clear, we don’t want our daughter to join the rat race into the IIT’s, AIMS’s, & IIM’s of the world. What we wanted from HLC is to help groom her into a confident, independent & clear headed child.

Economic Times rated HLC as the best ‘New-age’ school in Chennai on the 2nd of December. Now that’s proof for whatever I’ve stated so far.

Finally, on the fees; in as much as education is considered to be a service, it does cost money to offer a good infrastructure for children.


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11 Comments on HLC International – Review

  1. Hi There.. thanks for the article.. what do you think about HLC now after years passing?


    • Hi Anu, sorry didn’t read your comment correctly earlier. HLC still continues to hold on to their value systems; they have seen a huge growth in term of the number of students but has the school changed? Yes, all in the right direction. One issues you see parents complain about often is the condition of the road leading to the school, but that’s more of the local administrations fault than the school’s….


  2. How much is the fees…Any idea


  3. HI Vimal
    Thank you for your review. I’m also in the same situation as you were, My daughter is studying in MMS school Hosur(CBSE) and now seeing a child-centric school in Chennai. Your review is very helpful to have this school as top in the list. May I know the approximate fee for 6th grade? And how are the transport and security here?


    • Hi Jyothi,

      I may not be the right person to advise you on their 2017 fees structure. However, if it helps, I paid about a hundred grand for my 3rd grader last year. They have buses that ferry children to the school, the routes are adjusted every year. Its best you check with them on the routes for 2017. The local panchayat is highly inefficient to say the least. They have shown least interest in laying the road between DLF and the school. However the back road via wings haven is good. The school has a culture of every teacher knowing every child so I’ve not faced or see any security issues in the school.

      Here’s wishing you the best for your school hunt.

      Warm regards


  4. Hey Vimal,
    Planning to enrol my kid here. Recently been hearing that the administration changed and is not any more being child centric or holistic environment like before. Is that true? And the location around the school is so empty and deserted. How safe is it? Can you throw some light on this?



    • Hello Tanuj,

      Full disclosure, I work very closely with the family that runs HLC. Therefore, my opinions may be biased.

      HLC was founded by Sudha Aunty & Mahesh uncle 25 years back. About 15 year back Naveen (their son) & Raaji (Naveen’s wife) came back from the US to support Sudha Aunty & Mahesh Uncle.

      I’ve been a parent of the school for over 10 years now. I haven’t seen any changes in the administration or management.

      A few teachers may have left the school over these 10 years but largely most of them have been in the school for a long time. Most teachers are also parents of the school.

      The school is a 2-minute drive from DLF & 300-400 meters away from the AWB communities. There are many new communities & layouts that have popped up around the school now. The school is also inside the ETA layout but it’s not exactly a fully occupied community.

      The area used to be an isolated area 10 years back. During heavy rains the roads used to be terrible then! Not anymore. It has a proper road connectivity to OMR. However, during heavy floods the whole area get flooded. That’s problem that affects the entire locality. Especially when the Chembarambakkam
      Lake is opened.

      While school has been built on a raised ground and doesn’t get flooded and accessibility reduces. I suggest you visit the area and form your opinion.

      The opinions expressed in my blog have not changed in these years. Having said that, it is not your ‘typical’ school that focuses on exam preparation and perception building alone. Many parents may not relate to their ideology of preparing children to be leaders and not another brick on the wall.

      I work closely with Naveen & Raaji now in some of their experiments in reimagining school education.



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