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Obituary Co-Branding: Brand Association With the Dead!

I find it a little awkward when we don’t let go even a death to seek some brand mileage.

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Back in school, I had a friend who read the obituary news every day fearing someone close to him might pass away without his knowing. Back then such obituaries made a lot of sense, but today it has evolved into a co-branding opportunity. When some one considered significant passes away, 100s of obituaries start appearing with brand names all over it. Not to miss brand names & logos who sponsored the ad printed right below ! Brand association with the dead!

Things get a little weirder when eulogies start appearing in remembrance of someone who died a decade ago. While you can’t blame them for trying innovative means to communicate with the dead, ‘miss you much’ message directed at a dead person has become a way for gaining personal branding for the living.

While my granny would have got thrilled seeing her picture in the paper, the old woman is probably now in a place only God knows where. I am not quiet sure if The Hindu distributes their Chennai edition there. As a student of marketing, I find it a little awkward when we don’t let go even a death to seek some brand mileage.

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