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Being the who – who you are!

The tough cop is finally breaking down; he is letting tears roll down his cheeks. His wife is embracing him like a mother calming a crying baby; mourning the death of their young child many years back at the very spot. Just as I begin to pick my stuff up to leave the theater, my attention gets drawn to a bunch of young men sitting next to me, laughing at what they just saw on screen.

I often wonder about the difference between watching something on the screen as compared to experiencing it in real life. The rational instincts does ring a bell that the later is just a piece of fiction,  but then the raw emotional experience – to a large extent – remains the same. If it weren’t true, try watching a spooky horror movie in an almost empty room; If it were true, the 86 year old Hugh Hefner wouldn’t have dared to want a baby with his 26 year old bride. Thanks to the billions he made teasing men with bunnies!

Anyways, my row  is not with that but the fact how some of us hide our real emotions & opinions just to be a part of the pack;  not to antagonize the leader – in the fear of being ostracized. It’s about how some of us don’t have the self belief to stick on to who you are – always living in the fear of being judged!

Life, is just too short – not to be what – you were meant to be. I wish all of us just went on being ourselves, being emotional & not always rational, as long as it is not causing harm or hurting someone else.

Here’s calling every one to be our own Howard Roarks rather than being just another dude who just existed ! Here’s wishing you all who read what NinnySays a wonderful & blessed ‘being-yourself’ 2013!


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I am Vimal Abraham. Thank you for visiting NinnySays. I am marketing professional who is known to rant about photography, travel, marketing (duh!) and about everything else that gets me thinking! I'm based in Chennai and I've previously lived in... opps! nowhere else! There are plenty of ways to reach me, dropping me a note at vimal.abraham@gmail.com is probably the easiest.

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