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Loving humanity as a whole is a lot easier than loving those living around us now.

In the last few days, I’ve been reading, hearing, watching passionate debates & fueled tête-à-têtes on the Sri Lankan Tamil crisis. The recent policing & ugly legal battles arising out of simple social media conversations has probably driven even the most audaciously reckless social beings like me to check what we type; yet the intoxication of Being Ninny makes blogging an obsessive compulsive disorder.

Way back in college days when I used to pretend being a debater (believe me I even got into LSD – Loyola Society of Debaters), I once faced a topic “It is easier to love humanity as a whole than to love one’s neighbor….” – Now try to put that into perspective to what Christ must have meant when he said “Love thy Neighbor” – trust me it was easier back in the 90’s when I wasn’t married 😉

Jokes apart, when was the last time we did something really nice that changed someone’s life? How often do we look at a social problem and cry our heart out – yet not do anything about it. Doesn’t the sight of a lady begging showing her malnourished infant break your heart? Doesn’t that smart 10 year old boy cleaning your table after you’ve gobbled your meal make you feel nauseated? Why then run behind debates that seem important but beyond your control – driven by political ambitions & motivations. Why not spend that amount of energy into not demanding action but acting on one tiny little social misfortune at a time…

Yes, its not practical today to do what we really want to…We probably need to use ‘call a friend’ option to ask Christ what he really meant back then when he was into active ministry on earth. Until then, can we not stay away from such global discussions and try small gestures of love…which we might have not done otherwise…We all are good at heart – may be its time to show it too. It may just be buying a biscuit packet to every little child we see begging on the road? But remember to open the wrapper and give them just the biscuit only – else they may go and resell the packet!

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