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Work Life Balance Is For The Ladies: Some Say. I Grumble

For someone who believed that work-after-six-is-a-sin, such conversations are unsettling

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Being married to a career maker, I’ve often overheard a conversation that I wished I didn’t. Just a few days back I heard a client candidly tell her ‘Work-life-balance is for the ladies; if you want to do well, you better forget to get home early to catch a movie with your wife on a weekday’. For someone who believed that work-after-six-is-a-sin, such conversations are unsettling.

This morning I stood there sipping my tea, looking back at the last decade & a half of my work life. While I am glad that I took the decision not to do anything that didn’t make me happy, sometimes I do feel awkward. Did I let opportunities slip by?  I’ve seen my peers grow exponentially while I stuck by my decisions. I closed his eyes & secretly prayed to my  genie that I should never grow so high in my corporate ladder that I’ll forget the joys of building a Lego farm house with my daughter. They say small things excite small people, sometimes staying small is good!

Happiness means different things to different people. To some it’s all about being with someone they are in love with; in that moment – without their minds stuck in the board room, while to the other it often about career, stature or bank balance. To balance is not often easy but some just get lucky they say. While I have my moments I am glad the ghost of happiness which possesses me never allows me to do something that didn’t didn’t make me happy.

Chose to be happy today, everything else will come, someday!

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