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The quickest way to my wallet is through his heart

I was annoyed, aggravated, and angry. I just couldn’t hold back this time – it was probably the 28th call this week from yet another car insurance renewal agent.

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I was annoyed, aggravated, and angry. “Stop. Listen, do you even care about what I need! Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you an expert who decides on who I should be”. I just couldn’t hold back this time – it was probably the 28th call this week from yet another car insurance renewal agent.

This is a familiar story of what lies behind the mental trauma you go through every time your car insurance is up for renewals. It seems like your number has been paged to a million insurance agents. Now, they are all chasing you like hounds do a rabbit in an open field. You have nowhere to hide.

What makes matters worse is that agents are often poorly equipped to communicate with courtesy. For instance, what is the probability of Hindi being a language of choice for someone from Chennai with a distinctly south Indian name? Why do they think that I want to speak to them when I haven’t answered their calls in three days? Exactly how difficult is it to track my preferences when I’ve been a car owner for over 15 years?

It is disheartening to see industry leaders not investing much in understanding ‘who the customer is’ rather than ‘what the customer might need’. It is unfortunate that in the age of analytics, brands merely track our propensity to buy, instead of focusing on designing a great service experience.

I hope that things change, and these insurance companies and brokers realize that delivering a consistent and rewarding experience is the only way to earn my loyalty and respect.

I also believe in it strongly because I work for a company that has been built on the understanding that exceptional customer experience starts at design. And it is about anchoring that design to something unique to the brand. We have been helping global players deliver on their promises by giving them the power of effortless customer experience.

After all, every brand is unique. Therefore, customer experience must be tailored to bridge the gaps and enhance its market value.

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I am Vimal Abraham. Thank you for visiting NinnySays. I am marketing professional who is known to rant about photography, travel, marketing (duh!) and about everything else that gets me thinking! I'm based in Chennai and I've previously lived in... opps! nowhere else! There are plenty of ways to reach me, dropping me a note at is probably the easiest.

3 Comments on The quickest way to my wallet is through his heart

  1. interesting…so they call for insurance like they call for credit cards in india?


    • Typical problem of over population! Over population of vendors, over population of brokers, over population of ways and means they can reach you! Worse than credit card. You might probably get 1 or 2 credit card guys giving you a free card. If your insurance is due, almost 30 different, vendors, brokers, insurance companies all want to sell their policies to you!


  2. really intersting……


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