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Traveling to Ladakh (Part 1) : Pangong Tso

By its sheer beauty & size, Pangong Tso and the mountain range that embrace her, can humble you. You can just spend hours, in nothingness, just glaring at her sparkling waters. If you possess the gift to hallucinate at will, you might even spot a seraph taking a dip on a sunny afternoon. When not surrounded by noisy tourists and their selfie moments, Pangong Tso can turn even a sarcastic critic into a philosopher.

Travel Tip: For most travelers, Pangong Tso is just a ‘tick in the box’ item – especially after the movie Three Idiots. All they want is a photograph for facebook, so 90% of them prefer doing a day trip. Pangong can take you anywhere from 5 – 7 hours to reach from Ladakh. If you intend to return back to Leh by the same evening, you will not have the time to stop at will, just to gaze at a wild horse or voyeur light making love to darkness. You’ll just be too exhausted to enjoy nature at its wildest best. Pangong Tso is best experienced when you stay overnight.



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