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I’m materialistic yet spiritual; Unpretentious yet a snob. I wear my ego on my sleeves yet hushed . When I am not travelling or busy shooting, I run the marketing strategy for a small team in a big pond. I know myself wellAbove everything else I love myself – well not really – not more than my daugther & wifey! Now that’s me.

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  1. Hi,

    Hope you are doing great!

    I am a candid reader of your post and love the way you scribble ❤

    I am just curious to know how you get these incredible and remarkably creative ideas…? Your style of writing inspires a lot of individuals, including me,  who once wished to be a blogger too! Somehow, I couldn't follow my dream of being a writer but lately, trying to help many others who wish to be brilliant bloggers like you! I am currently working towards assisting such novel writers and I wish if you could join hands for the same and help me generate an idea or two.

    Waiting to hear from you!



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