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Being Ninny

The Joke’s on Me

The problem of being salt-n-pepper-wise is that you are now closer to that dreary old man with a lack lustered sense of humor. [...]

My Big Green Tinted Glasses

Unfortunately, there is no running away from the reality that surrounds us. Sometimes you just need to wear your big green tinted glass and image all is well. [...]

In The Name of God!

But I am unjust disappointed that I cannot teach my daughter that “Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by the country's constitution” anymore. [...]

The Need To Be Still

The world we live in makes us to believe that we have been built to shine, designed to fly and there is a genius within us who can be woken up [...]

Return to innocence

Sitting on my bed with my little girl sleeping next to me, I couldn’t help but let a cold shiver breed deep inside. The cold breeze from the air conditioner didn’t stop that sweat roll down my face. [...]