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Being Ninny

Being the who – who you are!

The tough cop is finally breaking down; he is letting tears roll down his cheeks. His wife is embracing him like a mother calming a crying baby; mourning the death of their [...]

HLC International – Review

Guess its time of the year when parents look for school admissions. This is a review I wrote at Parentree.in earlier this month.  Just posting it here for the benefit of [...]

Why Do I Love To Hate Chetan Bhagat

He is arguably the most successful writer of the new age India. His latest book has sold over 750,000 copies within a month already. I’ve neither read his books, nor [...]

Daddy & The Wish Factory

Recently Rhea caught this fancy for Nemo & wanted me to get her one. Within days there was a marine-aquarium in the corner of our living room. The next weekend Rhea [...]