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My Big Green Tinted Glasses

Unfortunately, there is no running away from the reality that surrounds us. Sometimes you just need to wear your big green tinted glass and image all is well. [...]

Here One Minute, Gone The Next.

Last night, I heard my neighbor frantically call out my name; her husband lay still on the floor; his children had just left, they were preparing for his grandson’s wedding [...]

Being the who – who you are!

The tough cop is finally breaking down; he is letting tears roll down his cheeks. His wife is embracing him like a mother calming a crying baby; mourning the death of their [...]

#19 Deaths, Debates & Accidents.

The last thing you expect a guy with a cracked right elbow to do, is to author a blog. But then,  I just couldn’t help but set these thoughts free in my cyber space. [...]