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Why Do I Love To Hate Chetan Bhagat

He is arguably the most successful writer of the new age India. His latest book has sold over 750,000 copies within a month already. I’ve neither read his books, nor are they on my wish list. I don’t know him personally and he has done me no harm. Yet, I hate him.

He is probably close to what I want to be. A best selling author, who’s writing style is nothing but colloquial. While I  don’t agree to most of his views too, his story has to be nothing but a motivation to those million others like me who aspire to be best selling writers one day; instead, here I am passing judgements. My rational mind says look at him closely and understand the dynamics – but the ego doesn’t allow.

Being adamantly confident about yourself is probably one of the secrets to success. But letting your ego rule you in as much as you turn a blind eye to things around you isn’t going to turbo boost your dream machine.

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I am Vimal Abraham. Thank you for visiting NinnySays. I am marketing professional who is known to rant about photography, travel, marketing (duh!) and about everything else that gets me thinking! I'm based in Chennai and I've previously lived in... opps! nowhere else! There are plenty of ways to reach me, dropping me a note at vimal.abraham@gmail.com is probably the easiest.

1 Comment on Why Do I Love To Hate Chetan Bhagat

  1. Is the last paragraph explaining why you hate him? Because I didn’t read anything else where you justify your hate for him. Though I think you shouldn’t really hate someone for something un-harmful like their style of writing man. Live and let live brother.


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